1. Date of Agreement

Legal Title:
Commercial Air Transport Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the Argentine Republic
May 8, 1979
Applied provisionally
February 6, 1987
Entered into force

2. Other Instruments

May 8, 1979
Confidential Exchange of Notes (airline commercial agreement, ground handling)
April 6, 1987 and October 29, 1979
Diplomatic Note (Ratification)
February 26, 1988
Agreed Minute (amendments modernizing the text of the 1979 Agreement).
April 16, 1991
Exchange of Notes (designation of "Aerolineas Argentinas Sociedad Anonima".)
May 8, 1992
Confidential MOU - New Schedule of Routes, initialled ad referendum.
December 9, 1993
Exchange of Notes (extension to route schedules from December 10 to March 5, 1994, and March 6, 1994 to April 23, 1994 to operate Buenos Aires-Toronto service through New York via a second intermediate point).
August 28, 1996
Confidential Agreed Minute and Exchange of Notes (ad referendum) (Revised Route Schedule, new capacity and tariff provisions)

3. Characterization of Bilateral Agreement

A. Grant of Rights:
All except as otherwise specified in the Annex.
B. Designation:
Single, Air Canada and Aerolineas Argentineas.
C. Tariffs:
Single disapproval.
D. Capacity:

4. Routes and Associated Rights

The routes and associated rights have been agreed ad referendum and are attached to the confidential agreed minute of August 28, 1996.

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