Accessibility: Did you Know?

Did you know...

  • The Agency has had an accessibility mandate for the federal transportation sector since 1996?
  • That in 2007, the Supreme Court of Canada recognized Part V of the Canada Transportation Act as human rights legislation?
  • That Agency enforcement officers regularly visit airports, and rail and ferry terminals to ensure that they are compliant with accessibility regulations and implement codes of practice?
  • The Agency actively supports the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and other government organizations to create standards and norms and exchange best practices on accessibility?
  • That members of the Accessibility Advisory Committee regularly contribute their expertise to the Agency's work in removing undue obstacles to persons with disabilities from the federal transportation system?
  • The Agency has developed videos demonstrating best practices for service providers in assisting passengers with different types of disabilities?
  • The Agency is one of the first federal departments or agencies to offer publications in DAISY format, a digital talking book with enhanced accessibility features?
  • The Agency's accessibility mandate only applies to buses that offer interprovincial services?
  • If you have a special need, most airlines require you to provide advance notification in order to accommodate you? Always check your airline's policies.
  • Not all scooter batteries are allowed on planes? Be sure to check your airline's policies.
  • Airlines have wheelchair accommodation policies? Contact them before travelling to make necessary arrangements.
  • The Agency can help with airport accessibility issues? Find out how by consulting our Guide for Passenger Terminal Accessibility
  • Airlines can ask you to confirm that your service dog has been trained for its role? Always bring a copy of your service animal's certification with you when you plan on travelling within the federal transportation network.
  • The Agency has a handy guide to help you travel comfortably, safely and accessibly - and to handle issues that come up? Check out Take Charge of your travel.
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