December 30 deadline to submit suggestions for the review of the Canada Transportation Act

The Canada Transportation Act legislates Canada's federal transportation system, including provisions to increase accessibility for persons with disabilities. Currently, the Act is being reviewed and the public is invited to submit suggestions by December 30 2014.

The panel conducting the review published a discussion paper which highlights the importance of accessible transportation.

This discussion paper highlights the increasing number of persons living with disabilities. Fourteen percent of Canadians overall and 43 percent of Canadian senior citizens reported living with some kind of disability. Canada’s population is aging, and the proportion of senior citizens could grow around 10 percent in the next 20 years.

"Ensuring that transportation continues to be accessible to this growing group of Canadians, while also maintaining competitiveness and efficiency, will be a challenge both for the sector and government," the review panel says.

Submissions may be sent by email to until December 30, 2014.

The advisory panel is to report to Parliament by the end of 2015.

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