Help Modernize Our Accessible Transportation Regulations

The Agency wants to hear from you. Your ideas and suggestions can go a long way to make the transportation network accessible to everyone.

On May 26, Scott Streiner, Chair and CEO, announced an initiative to revamp the Agency's regulations to better reflect the Canadian transportation network of today. Phase 1 of the consultation focuses on accessible transportation.

The Agency will begin consulting with its Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) on June 20. The AAC provides the Agency with advice relating to accessibility issues. It's made up of representatives from the community of persons with disabilities, the transportation industry, and other interested parties. We've also launched a consultation process for the general public that will run until the end of September.

Topics could include, for example, systemic problems that may exist in the Canadian transportation network that haven't been covered by the Agency's existing codes and regulations.

More examples and suggestions like this are listed in the Agency's Accessible Transportation discussion paper.

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