Updated code of practice on ferry accessibility for persons with disabilities

The Canadian Transportation Agency has published updated standards for ferry operators to ensure better service for people with disabilities.

Highlights of updates to the Ferry Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities: Code of Practice include:

  • Revised measurements for accessible washrooms, doorways and counters.
  • Acceptance of a service animal for carriage without charge if they are satisfied that the animal is required by a person for assistance, has been trained to assist by a professional service animal institution, and is properly harnessed.
  • Provision of relieving areas for service animals on vessels that travel for four consecutive hours or more. The areas should be clearly identified and adequately maintained.

In addition, ferry operators should continue to use international website standards to ensure information is accessible to persons with disabilities and should ensure that their employees and contractor personnel receive training on assistance of persons with disabilities. To this end, the Agency has included helpful information in the updated Ferry Code.

The updates to the Ferry Code have been made in consultation with the Agency's Accessibility Advisory Committee, which represents disability associations, transportation service providers and other interested parties.

The Code applies to passenger ferries that weigh 1,000 or more gross tonnes and operate between provinces or territories, or between Canada and the United States.

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