2014-2015 at the Canadian Transportation Agency

In 2014–2015, the Canadian Transportation Agency made progress in accomplishing many of the objectives set out in its 2014–2017 Strategic Plan.

These accomplishments are highlighted in our 2014-2015 Annual Report and our Strategic Plan Dashboard.

As well, Client Satisfaction Research for 2014–2015 conducted by Ekos for the Agency show that, regardless of the nature of their interaction, 66% of clients are satisfied with the overall quality of service provided by the Agency.

As in previous years, satisfaction is closely tied to whether or not the respondent’s objectives were met. Amongst respondents whose objectives were fully or largely met, the Agency achieves an impressive client satisfaction rating of 97%.

The achievements outlined in our Annual Report, along with the Client Satisfaction Research results, clearly demonstrate that the Agency is on the right track.

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