Guidelines for the submission of comments into the CTA's Air Transat inquiry

The CTA is currently holding an inquiry into Air Transat's tarmac delays of Flights 157 and 507 on July 31, 2017. Individuals or organizations directly involved in, or affected by, either of these incidents, may provide a written statement to the inquiry officer at Statements must be submitted by August 18, 2017. The Inquiry Officer can also be reached by telephone at 819-635-4108.

Any statement or comments provided to this inquiry will be considered public unless a claim for confidentiality is made at the time that the comments are submitted and the CTA determines it to be confidential. A claim for confidentiality, must demonstrate the specific direct harm that an individual or organization will suffer if the statement or comments are made public. Failure to address this test in a claim will result in the claim for confidentiality being automatically rejected and the statement or comments being placed on the public record.

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