CTA Hearing on Canadian Wheat Board Complaint Postponed

OTTAWA -- July 7, 1997 -- The Canadian Transportation Agency has postponed its public hearing into a service level complaint by the Canadian Wheat Board against the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and the Canadian National Railway Company. The hearing was scheduled to start on August 11 in Saskatoon. This decision is necessary because CPR and CNR filed applications to the Manitoba Queen's Bench concerning the Wheat Board's legal representation.

The Manitoba Queen's Bench will hear this case on July 25. Once the Court has ruled on this matter, the Agency will set a new hearing date.

"The Agency wants the service level complaint to be resolved as fairly and as quickly as possible," said Marian L. Robson, who chairs the Agency panel hearing this case. "The Agency has stayed its proceedings until the Manitoba Queen's Bench rules on this application because it is an issue that could affect the integrity of the process before the Agency," she added.

The matter before the Agency is a complaint by the Canadian Wheat Board alleging that CPR and CNR failed to meet their service obligations for the transport of grain last winter.

The CWB complaint was filed with the Agency in April pursuant to sections 26, 37 and sections 113 to 116 of the Canada Transportation Act. The Agency is a federal, quasi- judicial tribunal.


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For more information: Charles Mojsej, CTA Spokesperson (819) 953-9961

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