Investigation into Wheat Board Complaint on Track

OTTAWA -- DECEMBER 16, 1997 -- The Canadian Transportation Agency will once again extend an invitation to interested parties to participate in a public hearing on the complaint by the Canadian Wheat Board against the Canadian National Railway Company and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

In June, the Agency had invited individuals and organizations with information relevant to the complaint to participate in the public hearing originally scheduled for August. Since the hearing has been moved to March 30, the Agency has decided that it will issue a public notice in January to once again invite members of the public to participate.

The decision to reschedule the hearing, made in early October, also lifted the stay of proceedings that had been in place since June and allowed for the production of documents to begin.

Since then, the Agency has received more than 115 boxes of documents and has had to deal with requests by the parties on matters of confidentiality and relevancy.

In a ruling released today, the Agency found that the majority of documents were relevant and confidential. These documents will now be released to the CWB and the railways on a confidential basis.

"This ruling will permit the CWB, CN and CP to obtain the information they need to get ready for the March 30th hearing," said Marian L. Robson, Chairman of the Canadian Transportation Agency.

The Agency is a federal, quasi-judicial tribunal. Its procedures are governed by the rules of natural justice which ensure that all parties in a complaint are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner.


For more information: Charles Mojsej, CTA Spokesperson (819) 953-9961

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