Mission, mandate, vision and values

Our mandate

The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal and regulator. It makes decisions and determinations on a wide range of matters involving air, rail and marine modes of transportation under the authority of Parliament, as set out in the Canada Transportation Act and other legislation.

Our mandate includes:

  • Regulation, to provide approvals, issue licences, permits and certificates of fitness, and make decisions on a wide range of matters involving federal air, rail and marine transportation.
  • Dispute resolution, to resolve complaints about federal transportation services, rates, fees and charges.
  • Accessibility, to ensure Canada's national transportation system is accessible to all persons, particularly those with disabilities.

Our vision and mission

Our Vision is a competitive and accessible national transportation system that fulfills the needs of Canadians and the Canadian economy.

Our Mission is to be a respected and trusted tribunal and regulator through efficient dispute resolution and essential regulation.

Our values

Our Code of Values and Ethics outlines the core values and expected behaviours that guide us in all activities related to our professional duties. Our guiding values are:

Respect for democracy.
We uphold Canadian parliamentary democracy and promote constructive and timely exchange of views and information.
Respect for people.
We treat people with dignity and fairness and foster a cooperative, rewarding working environment.
We act with honesty, fairness, impartiality and transparency.
We use and manage our resources wisely and take full responsibility for our obligations and commitments.
We provide the highest quality service through innovation, professionalism and responsiveness.
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