New CP rail line gets the go ahead from Canadian Transportation Agency

OTTAWA, April 21, 1998 -- The Canadian Transportation Agency has approved a request by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company for the construction of a 12.6 kilometre rail line to serve the Union Carbide plant in Prentiss, Alberta.

In its decision, the Agency acknowledges the public's deep concern regarding the loss of agricultural land. Overall, the Agency is of the opinion that the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects taking into account appropriate mitigating measures. The Agency is convinced that the location of the line is reasonable taking into consideration CP's requirements for operations and services and the interests of the localities affected.

While the Agency has found no significant adverse environmental impact in the project, the public hearing held in Red Deer highlighted certain issues. As a result, the Agency is asking CP to implement certain measures in response to concerns raised by some interveners in the case. Prior to the commencement of the construction, CP will have to file a detailed reclamation plan including an erosion plan. It will also have to address the effect of alienating any agricultural land at curves, the impediments to moving cattle and to re-evaluate predicted noise levels.

In addressing safety issues, the Agency has asked CP to provide evidence that the issue of visibility on Township Road, Range Road and Lake Road has been resolved.

The Agency also orders CP to make copies of several reports available to the parties in this case: the bi-monthly reports (during construction of the rail line), the environmental as-built report (within two months of putting the rail line into operation), and the monitoring report (due after the first full growing season after the completion of restoration).

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For further information: Daniel Lavoie, CTA Spokesperson, (819) 953-7666

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