New Zealand

New Zealand

1. Date of Agreement

Legal Title:
Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of New Zealand on Air Transport
July 21, 2009
Agreement signed, applied administratively

2. Other Instruments

March 16, 2009
Diplomatic Note (Provisional application of agreement)

3. Characterization of Bilateral Agreement

A. Grant of Rights:
All except as otherwise specified in the Agreement.
B. Designation:
Multiple, Air Canada and Air New Zealand.
C. Tariffs:
Dual disapproval.
D. Capacity:
Free determination.

4. Routes and Associated Rights

The new agreement allows any number of air carriers from either country to operate scheduled passenger and all-cargo air services as frequently as desired, to and from any point in either country's territory. Air carriers will also be able to pick up traffic in each other's territory and continue to a third country as part of a service to or from their home territory.

The agreement also provides for rights pertaining to flights carrying cargo only, allowing stand-alone cargo services between each other's territory and third countries, and includes a tariff regime that will allow carriers to readily react to market conditions.

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