Partner organizations

The Agency is one of many players involved in transportation and it maintains close ties with various co-delivery partners. These relationships are dynamic and change over time.

Activities Partners Relationship
Coasting trade exemptions Transport Canada

When there is uncertainty as to whether a proposed activity would be considered coasting trade under the Coasting Trade Act, the matter is referred to Transport Canada for a decision on the applicability of the act.

Canada Border Services Agency

The Agency advises the Canada Border Services Agency on the availability of Canadian ships to carry out activities in Canadian waters that are proposed to be accomplished using foreign vessel.

Air regulation and Bilateral air agreements

Transport Canada

On request, Agency staff provides input to Transport Canada concerning the development of international air policies, international aviation regulatory issues and proposals for new or revised air agreements.

On request, Agency staff provides comments to Transport Canada on the impact of any proposed legislative, regulatory or policy changes on the Agency's administration of the Canada Transportation Act and associated regulations.

On request, Agency staff provides interpretations, analyses and summaries of the provisions of Canada's bilateral air agreements.

Agency staff exchanges information relating to the issuance by Transport Canada to Canadian and non-Canadian air carriers of aviation documents, and new and revised Canadian Transportation Agency licences.

Agency staff participates on a number of interdepartmental committees including:

- ICAO Interdepartmental Policy Committee
- Working Group on Aviation Security
- National Facilitation Committee
- Joint Transportation Statistics Program.

Global Affairs Canada

Agency staff provides support for the Chief Air Negotiator prior to, and at negotiations for, bilateral air agreements by providing regulatory analysis and by preparing texts and proposals for new or revised agreements.

Agency staff provides ongoing advice and support on international aviation issues which affect bilateral/multilateral relationships.

Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada

Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada hears appeals on Notices of violation issued by the Agency's designated Enforcement Officers under the Administrative Monetary Penalties Program.

Statistics Canada

There is a joint memorandum of understanding with Transport Canada and Statistics Canada for the collection and use of aviation publication/statistics.

Department of Justice Canada

Department of Justice Canada reviews proposed Agency regulations before publication in the Canada Gazette.

Rail regulation

Transport Canada

The Agency responds to Transport Canada's Rail Policy Branch's requests for economic analysis of Western grain transportation issues.

Agency staff provides advice on the impact of possible or proposed changes to the regulations or legislation.

The Agency coordinates its Certificate of Fitness and Railway Crossing Programs with Transport Canada's Railway Safety and Crossing Subsidy Programs.

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

The Agency coordinates its environmental assessment responsibilities for railway construction with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada

The Agency coordinates its Railway Crossing Program with the Transportation Safety Board's Accident Investigation Program.

Department of Justice Canada

Department of Justice Canada reviews proposed Agency regulations before publication in the Canada Gazette.

Provinces of Ontario and British-Columbia

The Agency administers the federal law pertaining to crossings for provincial railways in Ontario and British Columbia by virtue of agreements between the federal and provincial governments.

Accessible transportation

Transport Canada

Agency staff works with Transport Canada counterparts who are responsible for administering accessible transportation initiatives to exchange information and coordinate activities with a view to improving the accessibility of transportation services for persons with disabilities.

Canadian Human Rights Commission

In accordance with the Canada Transportation Act and, pursuant to a memorandum of understanding between the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Agency, respective activities in relation to the transportation of persons with disabilities are coordinated, and information about transportation-related complaints is exchanged, to foster complementary policies and practices and to avoid jurisdictional conflicts.

Canadian Standards Association

Agency staff exchanges information with the Canadian Standards Association and participates in its research on accessibility standards. The accessibility standards reflected in the various standards developed by the Association have provided useful information in the administration of the Agency's accessible transportation mandate.

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

In accordance with a memorandum of understanding, Agency staff works in cooperation with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority to ensure that security services provided by the Authority are accessible to persons with disabilities.

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