Checking In

Carriers are offering more and more convenient ways for passengers to check in for their flights – including via the Internet or from mobile devices – and obtain their boarding passes.

Whichever way you choose, make sure you have enough time to check in, complete the travel document verification process, register your baggage, pass through the security screening checkpoints and arrive at the boarding gate before the carrier’s deadlines.

Check-in and boarding gate reporting deadlines vary from carrier to carrier and between domestic and international flights. If you miss any of them, the carrier may reassign your pre-reserved seat and/or cancel your reservation. In such situations, the air carrier has no obligation to put you on a later flight or to refund any portion of your unused ticket. In the case of code-share flights, it is the check-in deadlines of the carrier that issued your ticket that apply and not those of the carrier operating the flight. Contact your carrier to find out its check-in and boarding gate reporting deadlines.

During peak travel periods, get to the airport well in advance to avoid any road and security screening congestion problems.

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