Travel insurance

Whether you’re intending to travel within or outside of Canada, consider purchasing travel insurance in case you need to cancel your trip before you leave or interrupt your trip while you’re travelling due to illness, the failure of your air carrier or tour operator, or other unexpected problems that may arise.

Medical insurance

Your provincial health plan has limited coverage outside of Canada. Some countries now require proof of extra medical insurance before allowing entry and will charge a daily premium for the length of your stay should you not have extended coverage.

Consider extended medical coverage when travelling to other Canadian provinces to cover the costs of services not included in the reciprocal agreements between provinces or when travelling outside of Canada in case you are hurt or become sick in a foreign country. Determine if you have sufficient coverage through your existing insurance plan or work, school, or bank plan. Find out whether the extended coverage you are considering covers any existing medical problems you may have.

For more information on countries’ entry requirements, consult Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada at

Baggage insurance

Every air carrier has limits on its liability outlined in their tariffs in regard to luggage that is delayed, damaged or lost.

What is covered and the amounts vary greatly amongst carriers so familiarize yourself with your carrier’s limits.

On international flights to or from Canada, the carrier’s liability in most cases is subject to international conventions which set a maximum amount of compensation per passenger. Compensation for baggage mishandling on domestic or international flights usually requires proof of loss.

If you find the carrier’s maximum limit of liability is too low for the value of your bag and its contents, you may consider purchasing additional baggage insurance from an insurance provider. Alternatively, when you check in for your flight, you may consider declaring a higher value for your baggage and paying a supplemental fee to the carrier in case your baggage is delayed, damaged or lost. Keep in mind that not all air carriers may permit this, so check with your air carrier before booking your flights.

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