Resolving problems

Sometimes even the best-planned trip can go wrong. If a problem arises or you have a concern related to your trip, let the transportation company know. Often, a discussion is all that's required to fix the problem or address the concern.

Keep your receipts and documents, and a record of who you talked with and when. It's a good idea to write a description of what happened as soon as you can, while the details are still fresh in your mind.

If you have tried to discuss your concern with the company and aren't satisfied with the result, you can contact the Canadian Transportation Agency. Our staff can facilitate a conversation with the transportation company, which can lead to addressing the concern.

In the event that an informal discussion doesn't produce results, mediation may work. If you and the transportation company agree, you can place the matter before an Agency-appointed mediator. The mediator will work with you and the company to produce a solution that both sides can accept.

If these processes don't work, then you can have the Agency formally investigate your complaint. You and the company will need to file statements and evidence. We will make a binding decision. It can include corrective measures and a refund of the expenses that you incurred because of the problem. But the decision cannot include compensation for pain, suffering, or loss of enjoyment of a trip.

The formal complaint will produce a clear resolution of the issue, but it is possible that the results may not fully satisfy either you or the company. An informal discussion or mediation can often get faster and better results than a formal complaint.

How to contact the Canadian Transportation Agency

Canadian Transportation Agency
Ottawa, ON K1A 0N9
Telephone: 1-888-222-2592
TTY: 1-800-669-5575
Facsimile: 819-997-6727
Web site:

More about the Canadian Transportation Agency

The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent administrative tribunal which operates like a court to render decisions on a case-by-case basis. The Agency's jurisdiction with respect to persons with disabilities, as reflected by Part V of the Canada Transportation Act, is to ensure that persons with disabilities have proper access to effective transportation services. The Agency makes decisions and orders to eliminate undue obstacles to the mobility of persons with disabilities in the federal transportation network.

The Agency administers regulations and Codes of Practice regarding accessible transportation. The Agency developed the codes in close consultation with organizations that represent Canadians with disabilities and the transportation industry.

The Agency also hears complaints from persons with disabilities. If informal facilitation or mediation cannot resolve a complaint, the Agency will formally hear the complaint and issue a decision.

Like a court, the Agency's decisions are binding and subject to judicial review by the Federal Court of Appeal and, ultimately, the Supreme Court of Canada.

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