Skies Now More Open Between Canada and the European Union

January 22, 2010

 Important Information for Airlines Regarding Canada-EU Licences Issued by the Agency

The Canada-EU Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement has been signed and is now being applied.

Any Canadian or European airline already holding a licence to operate a scheduled international air service between Canada and an EU Member State will:

  • continue to have the authority to operate that service; and
  • be able to exercise the rights available under the new agreement with their existing licences.

The Agency will begin to issue replacement licences over the coming months without requiring the airlines to file new applications.

Any airline that does not have an existing licence will have to submit an application for that service.

On December 18, 2009, Minister John Baird signed an air transport agreement with the European Union (EU), under which Canadian and EU airlines can fly between any points in the 27 EU Member States and Canada.

The Canada-EU Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement allows new services in terms of new routes, capacity, and prices on these flights.

Previously, most airlines could operate flights to destinations specified in 19 different air transport agreements. Now, they will be able to offer services to or from any point in Canada or the EU.

The Canadian Transportation Agency, as the licensing authority, is responsible for implementing and administering provisions of the Canada-EU agreement falling under its jurisdiction, as well as ensuring that airlines operate within the terms of the agreement.

The Agency's role will be to license the airlines to operate using the new air rights as they become available, and to issue new approvals or authorizations for commercial arrangements between Canadian and EU airlines.

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