Your air fare

Air carriers offer different types of air fares which vary according to a number of market factors, including destination, distance and the time of year.

Learn about your options before making a reservation as air fare types, availability, and prices can vary greatly for each flight and fares may come with special conditions that may or may not meet your needs.

Full fares
have the fewest restrictions and give passengers the most flexibility to book, change or cancel a reservation. But they are also the most costly.
Discount fares
give passengers less flexibility, but offer lower prices and may be available only for a short period.
Seat sales
are short-term discount fares which are usually highly restricted and any changes, if permitted, can incur a change fee, cancellation penalty or fare increase.

When you shop for an air fare you should take into consideration a number of factors:

  • Confirm the currency in which the fare is quoted;
  • Verify any fees, surcharges or taxes that may be applied to the fare quoted; and
  • Determine any limitation placed on the number of bags you may carry free of charge.

Doing so will help you to make accurate comparisons of price quotes received from different sources for the same itinerary.

And remember, a price quote is only a quote – for travel within North America, the price is not guaranteed until the ticket has been paid in full and issued. However, for international travel, prices may not be guaranteed until you commence travel, even though you may have paid for your ticket in advance. Check with your air carrier to see which applies in your situation.

Advance seat selection

Many carriers provide passengers with the option of pre-selecting their seat assignment on their flight(s) prior to the date of departure – for free or for a fee. No matter how the seat assignment is obtained, carriers cannot guarantee its passengers specific seats on board an aircraft. If you are moved from your pre-selected seat, your carrier may reimburse the fee you paid for advance seat selection.

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