Your travel reservation

A reservation is a confirmation of the type of accommodation held by a passenger on a flight.

Once you have decided when and where you want to go and with which air carrier, you will have to purchase your ticket and check in on time to guarantee a place on board the flight. However, these measures will not prevent you from being denied boarding due to overbooking (bumped).

Some fares offered by air carriers will allow you to make a reservation and hold a space on board a flight for a specified period without payment to allow you to make a decision to travel or not. If you have not provided the air carrier with an indication of your intent to travel within the specified period, the air carrier will cancel your reservation. A carrier is not legally obligated to transport you until the ticket has been paid in full and issued.

Once your ticket is paid in full and issued, your travel agent or air carrier may provide you with an itinerary and receipt that confirms essential details about your trip, including your ticket number and some references to certain travel-related information found in the carrier’s tariff.

Travel agents are an excellent source of information – not just for seat sales, but they can also help in arranging hotel and resort accommodations, ground transportation and tour packages. They can also provide some assistance with insurance, passport and visa applications, and information on immunization and other foreign travel requirements.

In the case of charter flights: In general, when a tour operator (rather than the charter carrier) sells the seat to the public through a travel agency, regulations differ from those of regularly scheduled flights because the passenger contracts with the tour operator, not the charter carrier.

However, for services which are offered or provided by the charter carrier and that directly impact passengers – such as services for persons with disabilities, mishandled baggage, flight disruptions – the charter carrier’s tariff sets out the carrier’s policies in this regard.

Provide contact information: When making your reservation, be sure to provide your air carrier with your points of contact – e-mail address and/or telephone numbers at home and at destination – in case it needs to notify you of any delays or schedule changes before your departure or at any point during your travels.

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