Revamping how the CTA enforces compliance

In 2016, the CTA began to review and revamp its compliance monitoring and enforcement function.

This has led to four actions:

Compliance initiative Implementation date
Establishing a new, integrated Monitoring and Compliance Directorate with a broadened mandate to track and enforce compliance with all legislative and regulatory requirements. 2016

Having enforcement officers consider whether to take action in every case where Members find a contravention of legal requirements enforceable through administrative monetary penalties (AMPs).


Updating regulatory language to make compliance obligations as clear as possible. This will make it easier to identify and correct instances of non-compliance.

Considering a designation of a wider set of regulatory provisions to be enforceable through AMPs.

A majority of these changes have been made as part of the CTA's Regulatory Modernization Initiative.
Implementing a risk-based, data-driven and systematic methodology to let us target compliance resources based on the likelihood and expected impact of possible violations. This methodology will be fully implemented in 2020.

These steps reflect the CTA's commitment to ensuring an effective compliance assurance program, which is in the interests of travellers, shippers, and the transportation companies that follow the rules and should not face unfair competition from those who don't.

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