Order No. 1988-R-5

January 22, 1988

January 22, 1988

IN THE MATTER OF the application of the Canadian National Railway Company, hereinafter called the Applicant, under subsection 214(4) of the Railway Act for relief from the requirement to erect and maintain fences on its Hartney Subdivision in the Province of Manitoba, from Mile 29.00 to Mile 30.02, on the north side of the right of way between the right of way and land owned by Mr. D. Rourke, described as being in Section 20, Township 5, Range 19, West of the Principal Meridian, in the Rural Municipality of Whitewater No. 204.

File No. 26680.43

WHEREAS the Agency is of the opinion that fences along the railway are unnecessary at the said location.

UPON reading the submissions filed,


The Applicant is hereby relieved from the requirement to erect and maintain fences at the said location.

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