Order No. 1988-R-64

February 15, 1988

February 15, 1988

IN THE MATTER OF the reconstruction by the Canadian National Railway Company, hereinafter called the "Company", of the bridge over Boggy Creek, at Mile 70.70 Margo Subdivision, in the southwest quarter of Section 8, Township 35, Range 14, West of the Second Meridian, in the Rural Municipality of Lakeview No. 337, in the Province of Saskatchewan, as shown on Plan Nos.

R-3383-2, dated March 23, 1982

KK-3383-1, dated March 23, 1982

D-100-99, dated March 10, 1982

File No. 27596.10

WHEREAS the Company has carried out the work without obtaining leave of the Agency;

WHEREAS the Company has now filed details of the work that has been carried out; and

WHEREAS the Agency is satisfied that the doing of the said work did not adversely affect the safety of the public or the employees and the said work may be used and trains operated over it without danger to the public or the employees.

UPON reading the submissions filed and pursuant to Section 44 of the National Transportation Act,


The work at the said location be approved and trains may be operated thereon.

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