Order No. 1988-R-7

January 22, 1988

January 22, 1988

IN THE MATTER OF the application of the Canadian National Railway Company, hereinafter called the "Applicant", under the provisions of the Railway Clearances Regulations General Order No. E-2, C.R.C. 1978, c. 1189, for approval of the less than standard clearance serving Sussex Silica Inc., opposite Mile 42.76 Sussex Subdivision, in the Town of Sussex in the Province of New Brunswick, as shown on Plan No. 26993 dated November 10, 1987, on file with the Agency under File No. 1750.18.1307.

File No. 1750.18.1307

WHEREAS the Applicant undertakes to keep its employees off the tops and sides of engines and cars while operating past the less than standard clearance.

UPON reading the submissions filed,


Provided that the standard signs required by the Railway Clearances Regulations be erected indicating the less than standard clearance and subject to and upon the due performance of the said undertaking, the less than standard clearance, as shown on said Plan, is approved.

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