Order No. 1989-R-428

December 27, 1989

December 27, 1989

IN THE MATTER OF the application by the CanadianOxy Industrial Chemicals Limited Partnership (hereinafter the applicant), pursuant to section 212 of the Railway Act, R.S.C., 1985, c. R-3, for authority to construct a pipeline across and over the right-of-way and tracks of the Canadian National Railway Company, at mileage 87.03 Skeena Subdivision, in District Lot 507, near Watson Island, in the Province of British Columbia, as shown on Drawing No. D7312-019-001, issue 01, dated March 15, 1984 (hereinafter the Plan), on file with the Agency.

File No. 9690.956

UPON reading the submissions filed,


  1. The applicant is authorized to construct and maintain, at its own expense, the pipeline crossing, as shown on the Plan.
  2. Detailed drawings of the pipeline crossing shall be submitted to the Agency before construction is commenced.
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