Order No. 1990-A-31

January 26, 1990

January 26, 1990

IN THE MATTER OF the operation of an international service by Professional Aviation Services, Inc. - Licence No. 881507.

File No. M4895-P86-4

WHEREAS under Licence No. 881507, Professional Aviation Services, Inc. (hereinafter the Licensee) is authorized to operate a Class 9-4 Charter non-scheduled international service to transport traffic between points in Canada and points in the U.S.A.;

AND WHEREAS the designation of the Licensee, pursuant to the provisions of the Canada/U.S. Nonscheduled Air Service Agreement, has been withdrawn by the United States Government by Diplomatic Note No. 474 dated December 22, 1989;

AND WHEREAS in light of the above-noted withdrawal of the Licensee's designation, the National Transportation Agency has determined that the Licensee ceases to have the qualifications necessary for the issuance of the said licence;

AND WHEREAS the Agency has reviewed the matter and considers it appropriate to cancel Licence No. 881507.


Licence No. 881507 is hereby cancelled, pursuant to paragraph 97(1)(a) of the National Transportation Act, 1987, R.S.C., 1985, c. 28 (3rd Supp.).

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