Order No. 1992-R-66

February 28, 1992

February 28, 1992

IN THE MATTER OF Railway Transport Committee Order No. R-40197 dated January 5, 1987 which authorized the Department of Transportation of the Province of Alberta (hereinafter the Department) to reconstruct the overhead bridge carrying Highway No. 16A across and over the track of the Canadian National Railway Company (hereinafter CN), at mileage 67.04 Edson Subdivision, in the Village of Entwistle, in the Province of Alberta; and

IN THE MATTER OF the apportionment of the cost of reconstruction of the overhead bridge which had been reserved for further consideration.

File No. R 8050/421-067.04

WHEREAS the Agency has considered the application and reviewed the submissions filed;

AND WHEREAS in accordance with the Decision appended hereto.


  1. Fifteen percent of the cost of reconstructing the overhead bridge shall be paid by CN and the balance of the cost shall be paid by the Department.
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