Order No. 1993-R-272

August 31, 1993

August 31, 1993

IN THE MATTER OF a reconsideration of an application made by the Canadian National Railway Company for authority to discontinue the passenger-train service comprised of Train Nos. 121 and 122, jointly operated by the Ontario Northland Railway and the Canadian National Railway Company, between Toronto and North Bay, in the province of Ontario.

File No. 3255/ONR

WHEREAS by Order Nos. R-15534 dated December 28, 1972, R-25382 dated September 7, 1977, R-34315 dated September 3, 1982 and R-41065 dated August 28, 1987, the Canadian Transport Commission, the predecessor of the National Transportation Agency (hereinafter the Agency), determined that the passenger-train service between Toronto and North Bay was uneconomic and was likely to continue to be uneconomic, and the applicant was ordered not to discontinue the operation of the said passenger-train service;

AND WHEREAS on November 17, 1992, the Agency gave public notice that it was reconsidering the application and invited submissions from interested parties;

AND WHEREAS the Agency held a public hearing with respect to this application which commenced on May 31, 1993;

AND WHEREAS the Agency has reviewed the documentation on file, and the evidence presented before and during the public hearing, and in accordance with the Decision of the Agency, which is appended hereto.


  1. Determines that the passenger-train service between Toronto and North Bay continues to be an uneconomic service.
  2. Determines that the operation of the passenger-train service should not be discontinued.


The applicant shall not discontinue the operation of its passenger- train service between Toronto and North Bay in the province of Ontario.

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