Order No. 1998-A-84

February 27, 1998

February 27, 1998

IN THE MATTER OF the operation of a domestic service and a non-scheduled international service by Interior Aviation Services Ltd. - Licence Nos. 972064 and 977133.

File Nos. M4210/I45-1

Under Licence No. 972064, Interior Aviation Services Ltd. (hereinafter the Licensee) is authorized to operate a domestic service, small aircraft.

Under Licence No. 977133, the Licensee is authorized to operate a non-scheduled international service, small aircraft.

By Decision No. 52-A-1997 dated February 10, 1997, Licence Nos. 972064 and 977133 were suspended pursuant to paragraphs 63(2)(b) and 75(2)(b) of the Canada Transportation Act, S.C., 1996, c. 10 (hereinafter the CTA). Pursuant to that Decision, the Licensee was required to file an application within one year from the date of the Decision to reinstate the said licences.

To date the Licensee has failed to file an application to reinstate the said licences and the Canadian Transportation Agency (hereinafter the Agency) has determined that, in respect of the services for which the licences were issued, the Licensee does not meet the requirements of subparagraphs 61(a)(i) to (iii) and 73(1)(a)(i) to (iii) of the CTA.

Pursuant to subsections 63(1) and 75(1) of the CTA, the Agency must suspend or cancel a domestic licence and a non-scheduled international licence where the Agency has made such a determination.

The Agency has considered the matter and, pursuant to subsections 63(1) and 75(1) of the CTA, hereby cancels Licence Nos. 972064 and 977133.

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