Order No. 1999-AT-R-63

February 3, 1999

February 3, 1999

IN THE MATTER OF Decision No. 632-AT-R-1998 dated December 21, 1998 - VIA Rail Canada Inc.

File No. U 3570/98-19

By Decision No. 632-AT-R-1998, the Canadian Transportation Agency (hereinafter the Agency) found that the inadequate information on VIA Rail Canada Inc. (hereinafter VIA) services on Vancouver Island caused an undue obstacle to the mobility of Donna Pistell and required VIA, inter alia, to, within thirty (30) days, issue a public notice in local Vancouver Island papers advising that VIA will provide a passenger who requires assistance to entrain and detrain, with transportation at VIA's expense to the nearest accessible station where such assistance is available.

Following the issuance of this Decision, Ms. Pistell provided additional comments on the actual accessible services provided by VIA on Vancouver Island and VIA provided its response to the Decision.

The Agency has carefully considered Ms. Pistell's letter and the material provided by VIA in response to Decision No. 632-AT-R-1998. The Agency has determined that in order to ensure that the notice to be published clearly reflects an accurate description of the accessibility of the Vancouver Island service and the alternatives available to those wishing to use the service, it is necessary for the Agency to review the notice in advance.

The Agency will review and make modifications on the proposed notice as it deems necessary.

Accordingly, the Agency requires VIA to provide, within five (5) days from the date of this Order, the proposed notice for the Agency's review.

Decision No. 632-AT-R-1998 with respect to the issuance within thirty (30) days of a public notice and having same carried in local Vancouver Island papers is hereby stayed until further order of the Agency.

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