Order No. 2000-R-71

February 29, 2000

With Decision No. 133-R-2000

February 29, 2000

IN THE MATTER OF a complaint by Wellington Ykema pursuant to section 212 of the Railway Act, R.S.C., 1985, c. R-3, regarding drainage at mileage 190.6 of CSX Transportation Inc. (formerly Consolidated Rail Corporation) Montréal Branch, near the Town of Huntingdon, in the province of Quebec.

File No. R8080/904

The Canadian Transportation Agency (hereinafter the Agency) has reviewed the submissions filed and in accordance with the Decision attached hereto, hereby orders the following:

  1. CSX Transportation Inc. (hereinafter CSX) shall re-establish efficient drainage by reprofiling ditches on both sides of the railway toward Branch 17 of the Beaver Creek.
  2. More precisely, the drainage work shall include the restoration of the longitudinal profiles of ditches to match the theoretical profiles shown on sheets No. 1 attached to Consolidated Rail Corporation's letter of February 2, 1999.
  3. Any collapsed culverts under private crossings located within the limits of this drainage work shall be changed as well.
  4. The drainage work shall start south of private crossing at mileage 190.4 and end at Branch 17 of the Beaver Creek at mileage 191.0.
  5. CSX shall perform the drainage work at its cost and complete it no later than May 15, 2000.
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