Order No. 2019-A-101

May 29, 2019

APPLICATION by Abelag Aviation NV carrying on business as Abelag Aviation (Licensee) for an exemption from subsection 84(2) of the Canada Transportation Act, S.C., 1996, c. 10, as amended (CTA).

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The Licensee is licensed to operate a non scheduled international service to transport traffic on a charter basis between Belgium and Canada.

Pursuant to subsection 84(2) of the CTA, the Licensee must appoint an agent who has a place of business in Canada, and, in writing, provide the Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency) with the agent's name and address.

The Licensee submits that it foresees relatively limited operations to Canada and anticipates that it will operate 10 or fewer entity charter flights per year using executive type jets with low seating capacities. In addition, the Licensee submits that it is represented by a firm in Washington, D.C. for all regulatory matters.

The Agency has considered the information filed by the Licensee to substantiate an exemption from subsection 84(2) of the CTA and, pursuant to paragraph 80(1)(c) of the CTA, exempts the Licensee from that provision.


J. Mark MacKeigan
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