Order No. 2019-A-124

July 9, 2019

IN THE MATTER OF the operation of a domestic and international service by Great Slave Helicopters Ltd. (Licensee)- Licence Nos. 967096 and 962312.

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Under Licence Nos. 967096 and 962312, Great Slave Helicopters Ltd. is authorized to operate a domestic and non-scheduled international service.

The Canadian Transportation Agency has been informed that the licensee has gone out of business.

The Agency has reviewed the matter and considers it appropriate to cancel Licence Nos. 967096 and 962312.

Accordingly, the Agency, pursuant to paragraphs 63(1) and 75(1) of the Canada Transportation Act, S.C., 1996, c. 10, as amended, cancels the licences.


Heather Smith
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