Decision No. 329-A-2007

June 26, 2007

June 26, 2007

APPLICATION by Omega Air Holdings, LLC carrying on business as Focus Air of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America, pursuant to subsection 73(2) of the Canada Transportation Act, S.C., 1996, c. 10, for a licence to operate a non-scheduled international service.

File No. M4211/F206-2

Omega Air Holdings, LLC carrying on business as Focus Air (hereinafter the applicant) has applied to the Canadian Transportation Agency (hereinafter the Agency) for a licence to operate the service set out in the title. The application was received on June 15, 2007.

The applicant has been designated pursuant to the Air Transport Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America signed on March 12, 2007 (hereinafter the Agreement), to operate non-scheduled international services.

The applicant filed an affidavit attesting that within the twelve months preceding the filing of the application it did not contravene section 59 of the Canada Transportation Act (hereinafter the CTA) in that it has not sold, caused to be sold or publicly offered for sale in Canada transportation in respect of the applied for air service without holding the required licence. The applicant has also undertaken in respect of the air service applied for that it will not contravene section 59 of the CTA prior to the issuance of the applied for licence. The Agency is not aware of any evidence that the applicant contravened section 59 of the CTA within the preceding twelve months.

The Agency has reviewed the application and is satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements of subsection 73(2) of the CTA. The Agency is also satisfied that the pertinent terms and conditions of the Agreement have been complied with.

Accordingly, the Agency will issue to the applicant a licence to operate a non-scheduled international service in accordance with the Agreement.

Pursuant to subsection 74(1) of the CTA, the Agency deems it appropriate to include the terms and conditions set out below in the licence to be issued pursuant to this Decision.

The licence to be issued pursuant to this Decision shall be subject, in addition to the conditions prescribed by the Air Transportation Regulations, SOR/88-58, as amended (hereinafter the ATR), to the requirements to hold a Canadian aviation document issued by the Minister of Transport, and to have prescribed liability insurance coverage as set out in section 7 of the ATR, and to the following terms and conditions to which the licence is made subject pursuant to subsection 74(1) of the CTA:

  1. The Licensee is authorized to operate cargo charters in accordance with Annex III of the Agreement.
  2. The Licensee is prohibited from carrying local traffic between points in Canada.
  3. The operation of the non-scheduled international service authorized herein shall be conducted subject to the provisions of the Agreement and to any arrangements related thereto as may be agreed to between Canada and the United States of America.
  4. Unless terminated at an earlier date in accordance with the CTA or the Agreement, this licence shall terminate at the termination or expiration of the Agreement, or upon the effective date of any amendment to the Agreement which shall have the effect of eliminating the rights herein authorized.

This Decision takes effect on June 15, 2007, the date on which it was verbally communicated to the applicant.


  • Raymon J. Kaduck
  • John Scott
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