Decision No. 725-A-2005

December 16, 2005

December 16, 2005

APPLICATION by SkyNorth Air Ltd. pursuant to section 61 of the Canada Transportation Act, S.C., 1996, c. 10, for a licence to operate a domestic service, small aircraft.

File No. M4210/S541-1

SkyNorth Air Ltd. (hereinafter the applicant) has applied to the Canadian Transportation Agency (hereinafter the Agency) for a licence to operate the service set out in the title. The application was received on July 18, 2005 and was complete and ready for processing on December 7, 2005.

Pursuant to subsection 29(1) of the Canada Transportation Act (hereinafter the CTA), the Agency is required to make its decision no later than 120 days after the application is received unless the parties agree to an extension. In this case, the applicant has agreed to an extension of the deadline until March 15, 2006.

The applicant filed an affidavit attesting that within the twelve months preceding the filing of the application it did not contravene section 59 of the CTA in that it has not sold, caused to be sold or publicly offered for sale in Canada transportation in respect of the applied for air service without holding the required licence. The applicant has also undertaken in respect of the air service applied for that it will not contravene section 59 of the CTA prior to the issuance of the applied for licence. The Agency is not aware of any evidence that the applicant contravened section 59 of the CTA within the preceding twelve months.

The Agency has reviewed the application and is satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements of section 61 of the CTA.

Accordingly, a licence to operate the following service will be issued to SkyNorth Air Ltd.

domestic service, small aircraft


  • Guy Delisle
  • Beaton Tulk
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