Letter Decision No. LET-AT-R-339-2002

November 22, 2002

Application by the Council of Canadians with Disabilities against VIA Rail Canada Inc.

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In its Decision No. LET-AT-R-300-2002 dated October 11, 2002, the Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency) provided the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) and VIA Rail Canada Inc. (VIA) with a copy of a report prepared by the Agency's engineer, André Paquette, P. Eng., entitled Draft Report: Canadian Transportation Agency Second Inspection Report of VIA Rail Canada Inc.'s Renaissance Cars, in addition to attachments regarding the Renaissance train consists. CCD and VIA were provided with the opportunity to comment on the accuracy of the information contained in the draft inspection report and attachments.

In light of the variation in the measurements noted by the parties in respect of certain of the features of the Renaissance cars, the Agency is of the opinion that it would be beneficial if Mr. Paquette viewed the Renaissance Cars for the purpose of addressing the inconsistent measurements. Attached is the list of the features to be measured. Mr. Paquette will view the cars during the afternoon of November 26, 2002 and will be accompanied by a representative from VIA. During this process, Mr. Paquette and VIA's representative will come to an agreement on the measurements of the features as they are taken.

VIA is asked to communicate with Mary-Jane Gravelle, Acting Manager, Complaints and Investigations at (819) 953-8961 to finalize the arrangements for Mr. Paquette's viewing of the Renaissance cars.

Following the viewing of the Renaissance Cars by Mr. Paquette, the above-noted inspection report will be modified to reflect the newly confirmed measurements. A copy of the final report, which will form part of the record in these proceedings, will be provided to the parties.

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, you may contact Inge Green, Counsel, at (819) 953-0611.

Features of the Renaissance Cars to be examined and re-measured

Coach Car

  1. width of bulkhead door opening
  2. width of wedge-shaped air duct in the tie-down area and its distance from the exterior wall
  3. height of the space below overhanging double seat structure in front of the tie-down area
  4. length of the table in the tie-down area and the distance the table can be raised when repositioned in the upper position

Service Car

  1. clear width of the exterior doors leading into the vestibule adjacent to the "accessible suite"
  2. distance from floor to the bottom of the mirrors in the "accessible washroom" and the distance from the floor to the centre of the mirrors
  3. width of the clear floor space in the sleeper unit with the table in the 'up-position'

Sleeper Car

  1. width of the aisle at the previous location of the chrome door
  2. width of the deluxe washroom


  1. depth of steps
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