Determination No. W-2018-274

December 27, 2018

APPLICATION by Alaska Marine Lines, Inc., pursuant to the Coasting Trade Act, S.C., 1992, c. 31 (Act), for a licence.

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Alaska Marine Lines, Inc. applied, through its representative, to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (Minister), for a licence to use the "ALASKA TITAN", a tug registered in the United States of America, to provide a weekly water bridge service between Seattle, Washington and Wrangell, Juneau, Haines and Skagway, Alaska, United States of America, to transport goods between Vancouver, British Columbia and various locations in British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories, Canada. It will also be used to transport ore concentrates from mining sites near Elsa and Keno City, Yukon to Trail, British Columbia via a weekly water bridge service from Wrangell, Juneau, Haines and Skagway to Seattle. The activity will start on January 1, 2019 and will end on April 30, 2019.

To support the licensing process, the Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency) must determine under section 8 of the Act whether a suitable Canadian ship is available to provide the service.

On December 19, 2018, Agency staff gave notice of the application to the Canadian marine industry. Pursuant to the notice, operators of Canadian-registered ships who intended to file with the Agency an objection to the application or an offer of a ship to perform the activity described in the application were required to do so by December 24, 2018.

On December 24, 2018, the Agency received an offer from ITB Marine Group. Following a discussion with the applicant, ITB Marine Group advised that they would not object to the application.

Agency staff gave notice of the application to the Canadian marine industry and no Canadian ships were offered. Therefore, the Agency determines that there is no suitable Canadian ship available to perform the activity.

The Minister considers the Agency's Determination in deciding whether to issue the licence. This Determination is not an authority to operate.


J. Mark MacKeigan
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