Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

1. Date of Agreement

Legal Title:
Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of Saint Lucia on Air Services
January 6, 1984

2. Other Instruments

January 6, 1984
Exchange of Notes (tariffs)
January 6, 1984
Exchange of Notes (designation of B.W.I.A.)
March 8, 1984
Exchange of Notes (entry into force)

3. Characterization of Bilateral Agreement

A. Grant of Rights:
All except as otherwise specified in the Annex.
B. Designation:
Multiple, Air Canada and BWIA (carrier ceased operation on January 1, 2007)
C. Tariffs:
Single disapproval.
D. Capacity:
No unilateral action.

4. Routes and Associated Rights

Points of OriginIntermediate PointsNote 1,Note 2Points in CanadaPoints Beyond

Saint Lucia

Points in the Caribbean to be named
by Saint Lucia

MontrealNote 3

Points of OriginIntermediate PointsPoints in Saint LuciaPoints Beyond


Two points in the Caribbean to be named
by Canada

Saint Lucia

Two points to be named by Canada

This schedule to remain in force while B.W.I.A. remains the sole designated airline of Saint Lucia or unless otherwise agreed by the Contracting Parties to the Agreement.


Note 1

Fifth freedom traffic rights between intermediate points and points in Canada shall become available at points to be agreed only at such time as the Government of Saint Lucia designates an airline acceptable to Canada other than Trinidad and Tobago (B.W.I.A. International Airways Corporation (B.W.I.A.). At such time fifth freedom traffic rights of equivalent economic value to those operated by the designated airline of the Government of Canada shall be negotiated by the two Governments.

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Note 2

B.W.I.A. may exercise traffic rights pursuant to Air Agreements between Canada and other Governments while at the same time exercising traffic rights pursuant to the Canada/Saint Lucia Air Agreement and such traffic may be commingled on any and all flights provided that Canada has accepted the designation of B.W.I.A. to exercise the traffic rights granted to such other governments by the Government of Canada.

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Note 3

Services to Montreal to commence following initiation of Canada/Saint Lucia scheduled service by the Canadian designated airline, at which time Montreal and Toronto may be served as co-terminals.

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