1. Date of Agreement

No agreement.

2. Other Instruments

December 4,1990

Ministerial Direction regarding services to Taiwan

February 25, 1999

Confidential MOU (Supplementary memorandum and its Annex regarding services to Taiwan)

May 1, 1999

Ministerial Direction regarding services to Taiwan

February 19, 2000

Minister's Letter (Designation of China Airlines in lieu of Mandarin Airlines and Ministerial direction to permit Air Canada and Canadian to cross code-share on each other's flights)

February 29, 2000

Exchange of Letters amending the Confidential MOU and implementing Minister's letter of February 19, 2000.

3. Characterization of Air Services Arrangement

A. Traffic Privileges:

As specified in the Annex.

B. Designation:

Single by route, Air Canada, China Airlines and EVA.

C. Tariffs:

Single disapproval.

D. Capacity:


4. Routes and Associated Rights

The routes and associated rights agreed on February 25, 1999 are confidential.

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