Table 3 contains the reported prevalence of dispensing machines operating by entity and mode.

In the Air Carriers category, Air Canada/Jazz has 82 automated check-in kiosks, while Westjet has 26.

In the Air Terminals category, the Greater Moncton Airport has 2 automated pay parking machines, the Montreal Airport has 40 automated check-in kiosks, the St. John’s International Airport has 3 automated information kiosks, and the Thunder Bay International Airport has 1 automated information kiosk. The Toronto Airport has 70 automated check-in kiosks and 8 automated information kiosks, the Vancouver International Airport has 42 automated check-in kiosks and 18 automated pay-parking machines, and the Winnipeg International Airport has 6 automated pay-parking machines.

The totals for air carriers and terminals are as follows: 260 for automated check-in kiosks, 12 for automated information kiosks, 26 for automated pay-parking machines.

In the rail carriers and terminals category, Via Rail has 32 automated check-in kiosks. There are no dispensing machines in the marine carriers and terminals category.

The totals for each category are 292 automated check-in kiosks, 12 automated information kiosks, and 26 automated pay-parking machines. The grand total is 330.