Missed connections

When flights on your itinerary are late or have been re-scheduled, your rights depend on whether the flights are issued on the same or multiple tickets.

If they are all on the same ticket, the carrier should get you onto the next available flight. If that is not possible, the carrier will usually offer to refund the unused portion of your ticket.

If you have an itinerary based on multiple tickets, be sure at time of booking to allow sufficient time between each flight segment to deplane, retrieve your baggage, and allow for security screening and any necessary terminal changes to reach the next flight.

Check the status of your flight 24 hours before its scheduled departure and again before you leave for the airport, to confirm its departure status. Your air carrier may provide you with options to consider should your flight be delayed or cancelled.

Doing so will help to prevent you from missing a flight once you are in transit should any prior flights be delayed. A carrier is only responsible to get you to the destination named on the relevant ticket involved.

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