The Canadian Transportation Agency is committed to consulting with Canadians. 

Through consultations, the Agency gains a greater understanding of the perspectives of a wide range of citizens, stakeholders and experts and therefore develops more informed and effective policies and programs for Canadians.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

For advice on accessibility issues, the Agency consults its Accessibility Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from the community of persons with disabilities, the transportation industry and other interested parties.

The Agency's Accessibility Advisory Committee and Working Group participants help the Agency develop regulations, Codes of Practice and industry guidelines on accessibility.

Active consultations

Consultations Title Milestone Date Milestone
Consultation on the Guide on Applying for Approval to Construct a Railway Line and Indigenous Engagement Framework for Railway Line Construction May 31, 2017 Deadline for submissions - second extension
Accessible transportation consultation May 10, 2017 Summary Report on Accessible Transportation now available
Consultation on the Agency's Regulatory Costing Model (ARCM) February 28, 2017 Consultation on the Agency's Regulatory Costing Model (ARCM) is now underway
Air transportation consultation December 19, 2016 Phase 2 – Air transportation consultation is now underway
Consultation on methodology for determining CN's and CP's Capital Structure under the Maximum Revenue Entitlement Program October 14, 2016 Deadline for submissions (MRE)
Consultation on the requirement to hold a licence January 22, 2016 Deadline for submissions

Archived consultations

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