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The Agency supports the goal of a competitive and accessible national transportation system that fulfills the needs of Canadians and the Canadian economy.

The Agency is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal that makes decisions on a wide range of economic matters involving federally-regulated modes of transportation (air, rail and marine).

Along with its roles as a regulator and an aeronautical authority, the Agency works to facilitate accessible transportation, and serves as a dispute resolution authority over certain transportation rate and service complaints.

The Agency is made up of five full-time Members; up to three temporary Members may also be named. The Members, who are all based in the National Capital Region, are supported in their decision-making process by some 200 employees and administrative staff.

A decision or order of the Agency may be made an order of the Federal Court or of any superior court and is enforceable in the same manner as such an order.

The Agency reports to Parliament every year on its accomplishments through its annual report, which is tabled in the House of Commons by the Minister of Transport. Included in the annual report is a yearly assessment of any difficulties observed in administering the Canada Transportation Act, with recommended amendments to resolve those difficulties.

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