The Canadian Transportation Agency has a long-standing reputation as a trusted and respected Government of Canada tribunal and regulator.

That's because transportation matters to us.

We work hard to ensure that our national transportation system is competitive, efficient and accessible to all Canadians.

Does transportation matter to you too?

Then learn how you can make a difference through a career at the Agency:

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Recruitment video: Canadian Transportation Agency

Transcript: Recruitment video

Scott: Hi, there. I’m Scott Streiner, Chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Are you interested in working in a public sector organization that’s agile, dynamic, and independent?

An organization with deep roots and a bright future?

Do you believe that it’s important that we have strong consumer protection for airline passengers?

That persons with disabilities get equal access to transportation services?

That commodities, food, and manufactured goods move efficiently across Canada and to markets abroad?

Do you want to work with a team that’s committed to fostering a healthy, innovative, high-performing workplace?

Are you ready to make a difference?

If so, you should consider a job with the CTA.

Want to know more? Let’s hear from some CTA employees.

Diane: When I knew I was going to do this video, I wanted to make sure that people understood how great it is to work at the Agency, it’s the people, it’s the organization, it’s the flexibility, it’s the work.

Because we don’t have redundant work here, it seems that everything is ever-changing.

Nicolas: What I really like about working at the CTA is that it’s a small organization which allowed me the opportunity to work with a bunch of different people.

Also what’s great about the CTA is the mandate is so diversified that I had the opportunity to explore different avenues of different sections of the transportation network.

Trinh: The Agency's work matters because the issues that we touch on impact all Canadians whether its rail, accessibility, air -- they all matter to Canadians from coast to coast.

Nicolas: Canada, as we all know, is a big country, and people use the transportation network to ship goods to market but also to travel from one end of the country to the other. And the need for this to run smoothly is essential to the country coming together and also expanding elsewhere.

Diane: The CTA’s work matters because it important to us, we do important work, we do consumer complaints and then we go from very small issues to very large issues, such as grain that is transported all over Canada.

I’m proud to say that I work at the CTA and for the federal government of Canada.

Paul: Right now at the Canadian Transportation Agency things are really moving, there are a lot of changes on the horizon.

We are looking for dynamic, professional, intelligent, creative employees. If you think this describes you, come join our team.

Scott: The Canadian Transportation Agency has been at the heart of our country's transportation system since 1904.

We've learned a lot over that time and we're still learning, still adapting to an evolving economy and national transportation system, still working to meet the needs and expectations of Canadians in a rapidly-changing world.

We are looking for people who are forward-thinking, energetic, and collaborative. People eager to use their skills and fresh ideas to help us ensure that the national transportation system continues to contribute to Canadians' prosperity and social well-being.

Are you ready to join us?

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