Proposed Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations

The CTA's proposed Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations are published in Part I of the Canada Gazette for public review and comments.

In order to identify and remove of barriers – and prevent new barriers – in transportation-related areas such as communication, services and equipment, Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) operating in the national transportation network will be required to develop:

  • Accessibility plans;
  • Feedback processes; and
  • Progress reports.

TSPs include companies that operate planes, ferries, trains and buses that travel long distances, as well as terminals, like airports, ferry terminals, train and bus stations, and ports where cruise ships dock. This covers foreign and domestic transportation service providers, operating, to, from and within Canada.

How to comment

You have until April 18, 2021 to comment on the proposed regulations and provide your input to the CTA at For highlights on the proposed regulations, refer to the Summary of the Proposed Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations.

Next steps

The CTA will develop final regulations, taking into account all input received.

The CTA will work to have final regulations in place as soon as possible, which may be enforceable with a penalty of up to $250,000, based on the level of severity of the violation.


The CTA is bringing forward these proposed regulations under the Accessible Canada Act (ACA), which came into effect in summer 2019. The AC sets out a framework for planning and reporting requirements on accessibility. The CTA has developed the Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations to implement these requirements. The proposed regulations also set out important details, such as the timing and format of plans and reports.

The CTA held consultations from December 3, 2019, to February 28, 2020. During the consultations, representatives of the community of persons with disabilities, the general public, and industry provided views on the development of the proposed regulations.

The proposed regulations reflect input received during those consultations.


We are analyzing the input
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