How to File a Settlement Agreement

Subsection 36.1(7) of the Canada Transportation Act states that:

An agreement that is reached as a result of mediation may be filed with the Agency and, after filing, is enforceable as if it were an order of the Agency.

To file a Settlement Agreement, one of the parties must make the request in writing:

By mail
Canadian Transportation Agency
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0N9
By courier
Canadian Transportation Agency
15 Eddy Street
17th Floor, Mailroom
Gatineau, Quebec
J8X 4B3

The written request must:

  • provide current contact information for all parties;
  • be copied to all other parties to the mediation; and
  • include two copies of the Settlement Agreement, placed in a separate envelope and addressed to the Secretary of the Agency and marked Confidential – to be opened by addressee only

The Agency will acknowledge to all the parties to the mediation, the receipt and filing of the Settlement Agreement as per subsection 36.1(7). One copy of the Settlement Agreement bearing the Secretary’s stamp shall be returned to the party who made the request. The second copy will be retained by the Agency and will be treated and labeled as confidential information.

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