Western grain: Maximum Revenue Entitlement program

The Agency is required by the Canada Transportation Act to set annual Maximum Revenue Entitlements (MRE) for CN and CP for the movement of western grain and determine whether each entitlement has been exceeded.

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Most recent determinations

Crop year VRCPI VRCPI determination MRE determination Related determinations
2019-2020 CN 1.4371
CP 1.5148
Determination No.
2018-2019 CN 1.4114
CP 1.4608
Determination No. R-2018-225   Determination No. R-2018-80



Determination No. R-2017-37

Determination No. R-2018-276




Decision No. 131-R-2016

Determination No. R-2017-210




Decision No. 120-R-2015

Decision No. 378-R-2016

Decision No. 114-R-2016 - Adjusts the VRCPI from 1.2517 to 1.2571

Decision No. 131-R-2016 - Adjusts the VRCPI from 1.2571 to 1.2668

Decision No. 334-R-2016 – Determination by the Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency) on whether Maximum Revenue Entitlement (MRE) should include additional mileage for eligible grain movements to the ports of Vancouver, British Columbia and Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Decision No. 336-R-2016 – Determination on whether certain export traffic destined to Vancouver is eligible under the MRE Program.

See more Agency determinations related to the MRE.

Most recent statistics (crop year 2017-2018)

Company MRE Western grain revenue Amount above or below MRE % Over or under MRE Average length of haul in miles Tonnes VRCPI
CN $787,014,793 $788,062,078 $1,047,285 0.1 1,007 20,983,547 1.3817
CP $707,998,903 $709,499,416 $1,500,513 0.2 896 19,634,738 1.3817
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